Whether you are the victim of domestic violence or the respondent to an application, you will need advice. Legrady Law has experience in assisting people applying for a protection order and in successfully defending themselves from vexatious/false/unjust claims. Whatever the situation, seek advice as doing nothing could have life changing consequences.

The courts have very broad powers to protect people in need. An experienced lawyer can provide you peace of mind to take positive steps to protect yourself, your children and your assets.

We are also experienced in providing advice and representation if you have been charged with breaching an existing order. Speaking to us if you have been charged with breaching an order can not only ease your mind, but assist in the final outcome.

Talk to our experienced lawyers to help you through this very stressful time.

Legal Representation for the following Domestic Violence Services

  • Domestic Law Applications
  • Domestic Law Hearings
  • Domestic Violence Breaches

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