Your licence is your independence and freedom. For most Australians, it’s a right of passage. Under our legislation it is a privilege to hold and obtain a driver licence.

Legrady Law can provide you advice in relation to a wide range of traffic offences including drink or drug driving charges, disqualifications, speeding, work licences, restricted or hardship licences, licence appeals and other traffic offences.

We can advise you if you are eligible for a work licence (section 87 of the Transport Act) or a special hardship licence. We have experience in preparing these applications, filing them in the relevant court and serving them on the Department of Transport or Police Prosecutions. We then advocate on your behalf in court making further verbal submissions in support of your written application for a licence.

Time limits apply for most applications so don’t delay in seeking advice.

Some traffic offences can result in criminal convictions and jail time so find out your rights and call Legrady Law.

Legal Representation for the following Traffic Law Services

  • Drink Driving
  • Drug Driving
  • Work Licence Applications
  • Special Hardship Orders
  • Removal of Licence Disqualifications

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